Movies! (7)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-23 04:44 ID:0FysM8f5 [Del]

Thinking about watching doctor strange tonight, thought I'd make a movie thread. Any classics somebody can recommend? Favorites?

Personal favorite would have to be the fifth element

2 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-23 04:45 ID:0FysM8f5 [Del]

12 angry men and my cousin vinnie are also decent movies that I can think of off the top of my head.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-23 07:20 ID:c9q4xPjq [Del]

I enjoyed Casablanca, The Birds and Rear Window. I don't watch movies too regularly.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-23 16:15 ID:z8unrrZ/ [Del]

Try out Lawrence of Arabia if you have a lot of time to kill.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-23 16:44 ID:0FysM8f5 [Del]


>3h 48m

Jesus Christ.. I'm assuming it's very good? Guess I know what I'm doing tonight.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-23 16:49 ID:0FysM8f5 [Del]


>Rear Window

Oh wow I had no clue that piece of shit "Disturbia" was based on something, I'll have to check that out, too.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-23 19:19 ID:Heaven [Del]

I watched it on DVD and for the first half it was in Portuguese, I still enjoyed the movie.

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