Community CYOA (2)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-24 23:04 [Del]

In the spirit of textboards and their song threads, we should do some sort of collaborative effort. I stole this idea from a timeless thread if you must know. Also note that >>rX will display X number of random quotes, with duplicates allowed and >>q(post number) will display the quoted post and the post that is quoting that post. Let's begin!

Alone on Friday night, again. With nothing much else to do you go through and check our some new websites, since that's a hobby of yours. As peruse the old places you like to go you hear a mention of site that was created quite recently. It was mentioned only a on a few of the lesser tread places you usually visit but you decide to check it out anyway. You paste in and check out what's happening over there. It looks to be still under construction, like most new places but nothing is broken. What will you do?
  • None of the visible threads seem interesting, check out the All Threads link >>5
  • I haven't used my sjis folder in a while, post some! >>3
  • This thread says that it can teach me to do real magic. I'll call it's bluff >>30
  • Make a thread! >>7
  • Hmm, what does that button do? >>r1
  • Hey, there's a thread about the alphabet >>15
  • I'm going to open up two windows so that I won't miss anything. >>q1
  • 2 Name: Anonymous : 2017-05-18 16:01

    You take a look around and realize there's someone else in your room with you.
  • It's the wise sage of 26ch! >>4
  • What is s6 doing in my room? >>10
  • It's a burglar! >>20
  • No you were supposed to be dead, how can you be alive RedCream? >>40
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