CIA (10)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-07 20:00

Does the CIA know what I think of Jews?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-07 20:19

Not unless you've made any public statements about your thoughts.

3 Name: CIA : 2017-03-07 20:48

Well, congratulations! You got yourself caught! Now what's the next step in your master plan?

4 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-08 00:12

Or any public statements in which thoughts can be inferred from

Now i'm going to start hacking peoples internet tv's and slip some MK-Ultra sub-tracks into donnie's favourite tv shows.
Oh wait thats you

5 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-08 16:08

Why anyone would think at this point that the CIA haven't been snooping in smartphones and smart devices for years is beyond me.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-08 18:21

That's just another reason to not have a "smart" phone.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-08 19:19

CIA doesn't care about nobodies.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-09 12:36

So what is iraq? VIP central?

9 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-09 12:44

Could also explain why they've banned everyone from travelling there... it's VIP only

10 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-09 12:56

It's such a constant massive party all across the land that some people are having to seek refuge in other countries, film crews rarely escape alive, and they've got jet fighters from 10 different countries for bouncers...

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