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1 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-06 09:24

>I stop surfing the web for one day
>cant stop fucking vomiting

What went wrong?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-06 10:17

Well then stop gagging yourself, take your finger out of your mouth, do I have to explain everything to you.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-06 10:27

you got screen poisoning anon

4 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-06 13:56

I'm an Internet addict too. I become very depressed and sleep / indulge excessively without it

5 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-06 13:59

Sounds wonderful. I am depressed and sleep/indulge excessively with it.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-06 21:14

Just do drugs instead, much more happy chemicals than shit posting.


7 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-06 21:27

I indulge excessively in drugs but then I get very depressed and sleep.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-06 21:29

Gotta get to sleep before the depression kicks in, also up your doses so you never feel depressed.
All about doses my dude

Or you could improve your life and do something with it.. but probably not.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-07 01:06


>improve your life

What does the optimal life looks like? Why should I desire it?

10 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-07 01:51


>What does the optimal life looks like?

Indulging in excessive amounts of drugs and falling asleep at the drop of the hat.

>Why should I desire it?

Dude..... I ain't here to spoon feed knowledge. Either desire it or don't, no skin of this nose.

11 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-07 02:36

Self fulfillment and accomplishing personal goals.

But shit's fucking hard, tbh.

12 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-07 02:57

For you it is impossible.

13 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-07 03:27

Oh ouch anon, cut me deep on that one.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-07 03:47

He means in your current state. If you were to complete your personal goals you would be a different (ever so slightly) person than you are now; main difference being that you have the will and means to complete your personal goals.

15 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-07 04:12

I haven't even stopped failing to not use stupid acronyms of redundant phrases while posting. How am I supposed to reach any goals when I have failed at even this fundamental?!

16 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-07 16:08

Those goals are not a part of your will. Your will is whatever you keep in your heart and what you choose to repeat to yourself every day. You have chosen to keep very shitty ideas in your heart so you will never get closer to achieving your ambitions.

17 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-08 13:36

18 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-09 04:56

This was interesting thanks

19 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-21 16:10


>What does the optimal life looks like?

Depends on who you are.

>Why should I desire it?

You already do.

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