1. What is channel 26?

  2. What is a tripcode?

  3. How do I get a username?

  4. What is an ID?

  5. Am I anonymous?

  6. What is IRC

  7. What is sage/heaven?

  8. How can I contact the moderators?

  9. When was 26ch founded?

  10. Who manages 26ch?

  11. How is 26ch different than X?

  1. Channel 26 is a textboard.

  2. A tripcode is a unique identifier used on anonymous boards. It's used in the namefield by typing a hash (#) followed by any series of numbers and/or letters. The same combination will always produce the same result. I.e: "S6 #test" will always come out as "S6 !.CzKQna1OU" when posting.

  3. There are no usernames on Channel 26. You'll have to just use the name field or look into tripcodes.

  4. ID's are used in threads to identifier repeat posters, this is useful for conversations and identifing others without names/tripcodes while remaining anonymous.

  5. All posting is anonymous and the only identifiers are tripcodes

  6. IRC is a popular real-time chat protocol. I'll set one up when I feel as though we have enough people to use it frequently.

  7. Useless. I'll expand on this later.

  8. Email me s6 (at)

  9. January 2017

  10. s6 runs and manages 26ch.

  11. 26ch differs from other boards in that we only have one board (for now) and we don't use any images. We like to encourage discussion instead of posting overused pictures, even if the discussion is creative shitposting.